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You can submit a quiz with just a few entries or thousands of question and answer pairs. The SageMilk algorithm keeps track of the questions missed most often and asks those questions as more difficult questions. Over time, as more of the community participates, the quiz questions get ranked from least to most difficult.

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Features of Your Quiz, Flashcard, Dictionary App

Top 1000 Spanish Words

Home Screen

Your home screen includes a menu of options for quizzes, flashcards, dictionary, and posting scores online for global ranking.

Baseball Statistics

Multiple Choice Quiz

Select the menu button and get options for emailing a report card of your correct and incorrect answers and text messaging a question to a friend. Your best all time score is saved, and you can post the latest score online.



Use the flash cards to review your subject matter. Touch the lower button to advance to the answer and then the next question.

Dictionary and listing


Your app also includes a listing of the question and answer pairs.

Dictionary and listing

Switch, Text and Email

Use your menu option to switch content of questions, forward quiz questions via text message, email your quiz score results and suggest alternative answers

Dictionary and listing

Learning Algorithm

Get a question right and you get a more difficult question. Get it wrong and get an easier one. To take advantage of this feature, list your questions from easiest to most difficult.