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You can submit a quiz with just a few entries or thousands of question and answer pairs. The SageMilk algorithm keeps track of the questions missed most often and asks those questions as more difficult questions. Over time, as more of the community participates, the quiz questions get ranked from least to most difficult.

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Example Apps

College Sports Mascot Quiz

Do you think you know college sports and trivia? You may not know it as well as you think. Take the college football/basketball/baseball mascot quiz and test your knowledge

400 Economic Flashcards & Quiz

Learn the key 400 concepts, theories, and polices for the Advanced Placement (AP) Economics Exam and earn college credit * Includes multiple-choice quiz, flash cards, & dictionary listing

5000 German Flashcards & Quiz

5000 question multiple choice adaptive quiz * If you answer correctly, you get a harder question * If you get it wrong, you get an easier one * German or English modes * Plus flashcards, word usage list, & dictionary * Post score for global ranking

999 Medical Anatomy Terms Quiz

Learn hundreds of anatomy and physiology definitions * Multiple choice quiz, flashcards, & dictionary * Post score online for global ranking * Record and review correct & incorrect answers with email * Text message a quiz to a friend

500 Latin Legal Terms by Quiz

Learn more than 500 commonly used legal terms and phrases with Latin origin * Multiple choice quiz, flashcards, dictionary * Track quiz scores, post your score online for global ranking

Spanish Real Estate Dictionary

Learn more than 250 key Spanish/English real estate terms * Includes multiple-choice quiz, flash cards, & dictionary listing * Automatically create a quiz report of incorrect/correct answers and send to email

100 Bar Drink Guide & Quiz

Learn the ingredients & names of 100 of the most popular alcoholic drinks * Useful for bar tenders as a reference & bar customers who want to experiment * Includes multiple choice quiz, flash cards, & drink glossary * Drink responsibly